30 years is a major milestone for any brand, let alone for a South African one that managed to grow, expand and conquer international markets during the turbulent changes the country has been through in parallel times. And still, Carrol Boyes Functional Art stands as a beacon of persistence and product distinction, continually presenting new pieces and new ideas that emerges from this land and its people through the vision of the company’s head designer and founder.

From a humble beginning at the famous Green Market Square in the heart of the city, offering a few pieces made by repurposing old jewellery, we were taken through a time lapse made of objects in a media celebration in mid-March.

Fast forward to today, being a household name for home accessories all over the country, the Carrol Boyes team looks into the future with innovation and ingenuity. Carrol, herself, is still busy coming up with new ideas and is constantly inspired by the movement of people and the world around her.

Other members of the team search for and create new collaborations with exciting young designers. Some of the latest collaborations are the recycled plastic bottles turned into felt which resulted in a range of bags and purses, a line of home textiles, the Ethereal range of room and body products and the most delicious range of light and dark chocolate pralines.

Young designers looking for mentorship or internship, developing their talents and understanding the business of design are encouraged to approach the company to check for suitability, this being done to the benefit of both parties, nurturing young African designers while bringing fresh ideas and visions to this constantly evolving brand.

Carrol Boyes’ sustainable and distinctive pieces aspire to continue representing the natural beauty and grace of the South African landscape, life and wildlife with every new product, big or small and to be a constant reminder of fond memories to any person owning their products.


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