A Fine Woman

A Fine Woman

Those who were lucky to visit South Africa in the last few years, would have come across the work of Dezireë Smith in the best souvenir shops under the Whimsical Collection brand. Her vivid and humorous paintings of African wildlife animals on different home and personal accessories are an eye couture.

Her new brand, Dezireë Fine Arts, are a large series of women portraits in bright colours that will bring happiness and the African sun into any room.

Pursuing her art career from an early age, Dezireë Smith attended extra art classes in the evenings after school. Persistency paid off when she, along with six other youngsters, won a national art competition. The winners were awarded an extensive tour through the Eastern Cape, where they attended various art workshops. It was in this beautiful part of South Africa where the inspiration to capture the African soul on canvas was born.

Inspired by the mystery and luminous beauty of the African woman, her first genre was created. With semi-realism and vivid colours, her style is distinctive. Dark skin, tribal costumes and ominous eyes all beat down on canvas capturing the rhythm of Africa. Deziree’s “African Women” seduce the walls of famous luxury hotels in Hermanus, Franschhoek, The Silo Hotel and the Kruger National Park in South Africa and Various International Destinations.

To order one of her originals visit https://www.dezireefinearts.co.za/index.html