A remedy you most definitely need.

It might not be the vaccine for the pandemic, but it so brilliantly treats all the symptoms.

Marc Lottering’s current show at The Baxter in Cape Town, Lottering On Lockdown, is an hour and a half long breeze of words that puts the chaos and uncertainty of the last few months at ease and into perspective.

Marc managed to have grown men stomp their feet, constantly clap and rock back and forth in their chairs, cheering to his punches as he faces the reality of our near past.

From forced lockdown sobriety to the disproportional attention advertising received, including the Clicks hair saga, from constant home cooking to sanitised deliveries, from dwindling down rent which actually means location and an overall upgrade (Yes, we know.), to home workouts and cautious shopping. From beautiful Instagram life to Twitter self-justification. It is all there and then some. And strangely enough, it makes sense.

In the middle of it all he sits at the grand piano, playing and singing.

Marc will accidently force you to step out of your limbo for a while and let you see it all through his lens, just before you go back to your next daily task.

A Capetonian, a South African, a diva, a grand entertainer. They all take to the stage, wearing black and a pair of takkies.

And you can get the t-shirt too.

Lottering On Lockdown will run at The Baxter Theatre till 9 January 2021. Tickets at Webtickets. 


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