A cycle through the Cape is an unforgettable and challenging experience. It offers a unique and engaging way to explore the Cape that isn’t possible by car or plane.

A cycle through the Cape is a ride like no other. It’s a chance to experience the Western Cape in a new and exciting way. It’s a journey through the senses marked by the unforgettable scent of fynbos and the soothing sensation of an ocean breeze. Experience the heart of the Western Cape with awe inspiring views from vast open semi-desert plateaus where it feels like you can touch the stars. The sounds of nature and wildlife surround you. The cosmopolitan flavour of Cape cuisine is a taste sensation.

Cape Cycle Routes, an initiative of the Western Cape Government, puts the Western Cape on the map as not just a premier tourism destination but as the best cycling destination in Africa.

Currently there are 5 fully designed routes and more are planned to join. Routes include plenty of adventures for cyclists and explorers. Namely:

CROSS CAPE- 742km to ride over 5 – 20 days

CYCLE TOUR 364 – 123km to ride over 1-3 days

CEDERBERG CIRCUIT – 247km to ride over 3-6 days

OVERBERG MEANDER – 364km to ride over 3-6 days

KAROO CROSSING – 358 km to ride over 4-6 days

It is mostly made up of well-graded gravel road ensuring a smooth trip. Along the way riders will have the opportunity to meet friendly locals and experience the rich and diverse culture the region has to offer, from local Cape and Xhosa cuisine to the rich and unmistakable taste of the Cape’s finest wines. But it’s not all feet up and relaxing: each section is challenging and will test your cycling prowess through decent climbs and energy taxing passes both off-road and on.

Plans are on the way to grow and share more routes to explore you will be able to experience the Cape to the fullest and venture through the different environments the region has to offer.

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