Cape Town’s leading camera and photographic equipment supplier, ORMS, has taken its printing division into the world of decor and design.

Being known for the last few years for producing and sponsoring photo exhibitions that enables different audiences to be exposed to local talent, they are now combining it all to form a new, fresh and exciting artistic initiative – floor to ceiling, full expansion, original, limited editions- paper walls.

“We get a lot of requests for custom-printed wallpaper designs, as our customers are wanting something unique for their homes and businesses. The images on stock libraries are often generic and overdone… and our clients are after something more personal, more locally orientated, and bespoke. When you decide to transform your interior space, you want something that is unique and that you can personally relate to. That’s when we realised we could create a platform where our artists’ could interact directly with our clients.”- says Leanne Barling, the Head of Décor Printing at ORMS.

Wallpapers are offered in 3 finishes:

1) Textured suede (a luxe velvety texture – great for rich colours and shades of black), at R399/m2;

2) Linen (a canvas-like organic, woven, texture) at R345/m2, and

3) Eco-friendly (PVC free – woven backing, which makes it perfect for moist areas, such as bathrooms) at R449/m2. All our prices are inclusive of VAT.

The wallpapers are all scratch resistant and durable, and are designed for longevity. The inks is Genuine Epson inks and 100% eco-friendly too. The cost per design usage is a flat rate of R1500.

The current stock includes 16 South African artists, each offering a range to choose from. They are: Ahimsa Ali, Ark Paper Studios, Katie Lund, Frances White, Andrea Brand, Cecile Nowars, Liffey Joy, Mariette Kotze, Aimee Hall, Fleur Le Cordeur, Lisa Strachan, Nicole Carr, Andrew Hofmeyr, Gaby Beyers, Maria Baumann and Si Maclennan.

And this is only the beginning.


ORMS encourage their existing artists to expand on their ranges, and for upcoming artists and designers to submit their potential ranges, hoping that this will be a growing relationship between ORMS, artists, designers, interior decorators, and clients.

At the moment they are looking to collaborate with artists that have a unique style and point of view, that can bring a creative and personal decor print solution to creative and unique clients and their personal spaces.