The First Diamond Patent Cut to Originate from South Africa

The First Diamond Patent Cut to Originate from South Africa

A singularly beautiful relationship deserves to be celebrated with a truly unique symbol, and while every diamond is a once-off gift 3.3 billion years in the making, a Shimansky Jewellers My Girl® was created with fire, brilliance and scintillation in mind – capturing your heart forever. The world’s only square-cut diamond with a diamond-shaped table, the My Girl® diamond cut is the first internationally-patented cut to originate from South Africa, pioneered by Shimansky Jewellers Founder & CEO, Yair Shimansky – after three years of research and development.

A diamond’s beauty is influenced by various elements, the most important of which is arguably, the way in which it reflects light. The light that enters the diamond can exit it in various ways, depending on its cut and various facets. Unlike other diamond cuts that reflect light from the top of the stone only, the My Girl® diamond reflects light when viewed from any angle, creating brilliance and sparkle with every move you make – achieving true beauty and radiance.

 The remarkable light dispersion of the My Girl® diamond cut.

The Four C’s: The importance of cut

Shimansky is at the forefront of using the latest specialist diamond technology combined with locally skilled diamond polishers and cutters to perfectly finish their diamond cuts. It is this technology combined with the artistic knowledge of a master cutter that has been used to create the exclusive My Girl® cut. Only hand-selected, ethically-sourced South African diamonds are used for the My Girl® cut: each individually chosen by a Shimansky expert, directly from a South African mine. This hand-selection is essential, since a My Girl® diamond can only be polished from a ‘crystal’ shaped rough diamond, which in its natural form, resembles two joined pyramids. Exceptionally rare in nature – and incredibly valuable because as much as 50% of the rough stone is sacrificed to perfect the cut – My Girl® diamonds mirror the balance of sacrifice and reward that forms the basis for every lasting relationship.

What differentiates ‘cut’ from the other 4C’s is that it is not entirely determined by nature. A diamond is cut and polished at the hands of a master craftsman who ensures that each facet is polished to perfect proportion and symmetry. The more precise and scientifically calculated the cut, the more beautiful and captivating the diamond becomes. It takes a master diamond cutter hours of analysis before the cut that will yield the most beautiful and valuable diamond, is determined. Even if a diamond is highly graded in all the other 4C’s, a bad cut or polish will leave it looking dull and lacklustre.

The elegant My Girl® diamond stackable rings.

My Girl® diamonds are now exclusively available in a brand new range of designer pieces from Shimansky Jewellers’ in Cape Town, Johannesburg and on New York’s iconic 5th Avenue – in order to expand on the availability of this pristine cut. This innovative collection is fashionable and trendy, invites stacking rings, dazzling earrings and houses colourful pendants that one can wear for any occasion starting from only R9000. Guests wishing to experience the full majesty of the Shimansky My Girl® cut – and learn more about the incredible care and precision that goes into the conception, design and production of every unique Shimansky jewellery item are invited to book a tour of the Cape Town Diamond Museum.  


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