With a new, mandatory accessory coming to our daily lives recently, South African designers are intrigued and inspired to use the facial protection mask to add a statement and lighten the obligatory.

Many local designers took this turn just because it allowed them to re-open their local sewing workshop at an early stage and start generating income in a time of great uncertainty. But the outcomes? Oh boy, you can definitely recognise the trend setters.

Whimsical Collection, headed by Desiree Smit, known for her fun, colourful and artistic drawings of wildlife. She uses a combination of realistic images and vivid colours to achieve an eye catching, fun statement on daily objects.

You can now choose a matching print for your face mask, a laptop or a toiletries bag, bringing South African safari into every room you step in.

Another fun item is the Wild Cupped Masks. A fun mask to lift your spirits. A true test of who can smile with their eyes. Find your inner hippo or leopard and other wild animals and share a smile with a stranger.

Peppertree Bags, known for their quality fabric products, sell beautifully stitched face masks with geometric prints. If you like to set or follow a graphic theme with your overall apparel, check their offers. The face masks they make, for both men and women, match their range of daily hand and business bags.

‘Geo by George’ by South African designer, George Stander, which usually offers women stylish and elegant everyday wear, added a line of masks made with elegant fabrics to complement his current clothing line.


Habits Fashion, a local favourite by Jenny le Roux, offer fabric masks manufactured locally by their factory, using fabric off-cuts that may otherwise end up in landfills.

A portion of the proceeds of the sale of each mask will go to local NPO (Non-Profit Organisations), change makers who are making a difference to those in need.


Ruff Tung designers Bridget Pickering and Ludwig Bausch, the local queen and king of everything bling, created a range of Sequins Masks. The fashion duo that empowers women of every size and curve in any of their collections, looked for a way to support their team by restarting their business with what was allowed.

“Once the government started to allow our industry to open up with mask making, we had staff to pay, an incredible team of breadwinners who needed to support their families and boxes of sequins off cuts… so we ‘work shopped’ the idea, a term we use when brainstorming, designed as per the Department of Health spec and garnished the outer layer with sparkles” they told

All face masks are available to purchase online.


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