If there is only one shop you are going to visit this month….

The Covid-19 enforced prohibition on all live events presented SA’s best-loved artisan market platform with a tough challenge….

With their entire business landscape effectively wiped out in one swoop, KAMERS/Makers could either give up, close doors and walk away from the hundreds of SME (small & medium enterprises) artisans who have come to depend on this national platform for a significant chunk of their livelihoods…

KamersVol chose to fight back with every ounce of entrepreneurial energy they could summon.

The amazing team chose to work without pay, taking the March Cape Town event and the late April Jozi event online, upgrading and innovating their online shopping platform in order to cope with the tens of thousands of new visitors.

But with courier deliveries still on hold this could only provide limited relief, so they needed to find other ways for Makers to trade. They could not simply wait for Level 1 (probably the earliest that live shows will once again be permitted). They needed to find ways to leverage the transformed business landscape of level 3.

Looking carefully at where opportunity might hide within the problems swamping our country…

Retail has been battered everywhere, especially in malls and larger shopping hubs. Vacant shops and other spaces have been popping up in most major centres around the country.

And now… so will KAMERS/Makers!


The ‘new retail normal’ dictates that the less flexible, long-term – and more conservative – models of the past be radically re-envisioned. KAMERS/Makers SPACE is a fast and fluid collective of SA’s finest Makers – carefully curated to pop-up (and down!) in any empty retail space, in just a few days.

It offers shoppers a brave new hybrid of the convenience of an everyday, local outlet in the ‘old retail’ mode, but now combined with the vibrant, eclectic mix of amazing products that only KAMERS/Makers can offer.

Essentially, they have reinterpreted the two key pillars of their success…

Live shows would concentrate a huge variety of Makers (180+) in a vast venue for a very limited period (5 days only), drawing the crowds that made the platform so successful. And which are an absolute no-no under current pandemic conditions.

Now they offer a smaller number of ‘best of the best’ Makers (about 50) – in residence for a much longer period… from 1- 3 months, with the Maker mix constantly changing week on week. It’s the best of both worlds for KAMERS/Makers devotees! Plenty of time to shop at their convenience over weeks and months, and the constantly changing, vibrant variety that has made KAMERS/Makers so immensely popular over two decades.


KAMERS/Makers SPACEs will pop up in a number of key locations in popular venues around the country.

Every SPACE will be Covid-19 screened and certified – with rigorous controls in place to regulate entry and ensure the safety of all.

A cashless system will be in operation, with a single central pay-point for shopper convenience.

The KAMERS/Makers full online portal will be in situ – so shoppers can instantly order any of the 7000+ products that may not be on the shelves, for subsequent collection or delivery.

So welcome to the new retail – vital, vibrant, innovative and proudly local – the sooner we as South Africans begin rebuilding our SME economy, the sooner the African sun will break through the clouds of Covid-19!

The pop-up shops offer a beautifully curated shopping experience, featuring over 6000 unique Maker wares – winter fashion, handcrafted decor, tasty deli goods, post-lockdown specials and more – all in one amazing space.

KM SPACE Stellenbosch:

Extended by popular demand till 29 August 2020.

8 Plein Street, Mill Square

Monday to Friday 9:00 – 15:00

Saturday 9:00 – 13:00

KM SPACE V&A Waterfront:

Next to Exclusive Books in the V&A’s Victoria Wharf Mall.

9:00-18:00 daily


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