Documented history of Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is traced back to the 1700’s, enabling us to apprehend the National Treasure statues it holds and to appreciate its acclaimed international recognition 3 centuries down the timeline path.

On top of being a must do destination for travelers and visitors, this icon serves a handful of opportunities to create majestic and memorable, private or corporate events.

The Manor House, Built in 1914, is located up on the west slops, overlooking the Proteas sections, the rest of the garden and the Constantia Valley farther down. The house was refurbished to the highest standard and can accommodated either individual guests or a full party. The adjusted lawns makes it a fairytale scenery for intimate events. The house also include a meeting room equipped with audio-visual & sound system.

The Marquee Lawn is situated next to the Centre for Home Gardening and the reputed Kirstenbosch Tea Room at Gate 2, against the stunning backdrop of Castle Rock and Fernwood Peak. Two leveled lawn areas are the space for big events of up to 1000 people standing, overlooking the Peninsula Garden.

The Conference Centre at the main gate enjoys its location by offering large windows that opens to the Camphor Avenue, a signatory feature of Kirstenbosch. Summer or winter, the leafy avenue shades the center and provides a one-off-a-kind backdrop to any event. It is for that reason this venue is popular with both local event planners and international corporates.

Known, local artistic societies runs their annual exhibition in the center, often open to the general public for free so make sure to check and see if your visit to the garden falls on one of those lucky days.

Lastly, the Concert Stage, earning its reputation by proudly and constantly holding the Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts series, is open for concert hiring and can be fenced from the rest of the garden. In addition it hosts a few international acts every year and the grassy slant gives a good view over the large stage.

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