While situated in the Franschhoek wine valley, Dieu Donné is located high on the south-west facing slopes of the Franschhoek Mountains. It is one of the highest vineyards in the valley. That means the vines enjoy the valley’s fertile soil but also differentiate by adding the cool climate component giving the wines a distinct flavour and a unique depth in God Given Land (Dieu Donnè).

Keeping the 30ha family vineyard under one hand for many years desolates with wines that gives firm, constant high quality level with all red wines matured in French and American Oak barrels and the Method Cap Classique (the South African Champaign) fermented, rotated and coming to fruition in a process that is given over 3 years.

The white wines produced on the estate are available both wooded and unwooded, offering an option for a large palate of tastes.

Dieu Donné wines are available overseas or on the farm. They are not distributed in South Africa.

Going back to its unprecedented location, Dieu Donné, facing west, overlooks the entire Franschhoek Valley and beyond. A carpet of farms and wine estates is interrupted only by the raising Hottentots-Holland and Simonsberg ranges. The position promises countless, stunning, orange and pink sunsets when the sun descends behind the Simonsberg mountains.

The tasting room and its front lawn yard takes advantage of the panoramic view and offers a range of wine and cheese pairings to be slowly indulged while trying to spot some Cape Eagles.


You are welcome to linger longer with an offering of some of the wines by the glass and free Wi-Fi, or it can be only that. When spending a few days in the Cape Winelands and needing a spot to soak up the experience and reflect, Dieu Donné would be our place of choice.

Roca restaurant on the farm shares the same magnificent position. A full open glass façade allows every table to enjoy the view and the lower deck balcony offers alfresco dining for summer and mild winter days. An open fireplace in the restaurant takes care of both temperature and atmosphere in winter.


The balcony and its lawn are perfect for your welcoming drink or aperitif, and while you soak up the view and the beverage, a waiter will take your order for the rest of your meal.

The restaurant has added other wines of note to the wine list from the area to fully match the fine dining South African menu. The menu includes vegetarian options in each category to accommodate every palate.

Adding all these components together, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that this symbiosis resonates as one of the favourite wedding destinations in the area. An open vista, fresh air, magnificent wine and a matching romantic restaurant, all align to create magical events. With the ceremony taking place on the tasting room lawns and the party then moving on to the restaurant, you’ve got all bases covered.

For the event option to be fully elevated, the current hospitality cottages on the estate are now being converted into a 5-room boutique guest house. Secluded from the public spaces, this newly structured facility is designed to the outmost indulgence and takes into consideration years of experience in what a bride’s party needs. Rooms are open for general booking on non-event days.

Other occasions are also welcome to benefit from all facilities, including conferences and corporate parties. Groups are welcome and kindly asked to pre-book.

Dieu Donné vineyards is on the Franschhoek Wine Tram Yellow & Red lines, allowing you to embed it to your overall wine route experience.


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