Just as you start preparing to the glorious season of outdoors, we sat with Bernice Peters, owner of Five On Main salons in Cape Town to help you prepare for staycations and holidays.

Holiday beauty routine:

  1. If you’re tanning, wax or shave first.
  2. Get a Pedi as close to departure as possible.
  3. Wax a day or two before you fly.
  4. Get your lashes and brows tinted a few days beforehand.
  5. Get a smoothing blow-dry before you colour your hair.
  6. Get your hair coloured well before the trip.

With a full team of hair stylists and beauticians the Five On Main team at their Jarvis Street branch in De Waterkant, will simultaneously work over your different needs to make your experience pleasant and brief for you to step out the door as your best self.

They would also be happy to stock you with the season essentials to protect your hair and body. Bernice highly recommends the Davines SU collection. A range of Italian products specifically made to hydrate and replenish.


For those of us that works through the warm season still need to pay attention the longer light hour and the longer exposure to sun rays. The summer routine is a fine tuning to your overall yearly must do’s.

Summer Routine:

  1. Get your hair healthy. The healthier your hair is going in to summer, the less sun, chlorine and sea salt damage will affect it.
  2. Start exfoliating now.
  3. Clean out your medicine cabinet.
  4. Re-evaluate your skincare routine.
  5. Test out lighter makeup.
  6. Stock up on sunscreen.
  7. Switch up your deodorant.
  8. Stop ignoring your feet.

To be more specific, your hair overdue for summer must include a rejuvenating mask to boost the volume and maintain the winter softness.

The Pedi is advised to include an exfoliating treatment of at least half your leg to complement and protect your shin from the waxing.

These two are available at both De Waterkant and The President Hotel branches, the latter is located in Bantry Bay.


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