Emerging out of the southern hemisphere winter and not having the Open Book Festival showing on our calendar, left authors and their audience and followers with a bitter sweet start to Spring.

Nevertheless, books are still being written, feelings and thoughts wants to be shared, ideas are looking to be carried out and plans needed to be executed so Open Book is bringing you a taste of the incredible conversations, characteristic of Open Book, right to your computer or cell phone.

The series will consist of eight conversations between authors about their recent books. They will be released over 4 weeks, starting 19 October.

They will be available to listen to on the Open Book website, as well as all the major podcasting apps.

The first episode (out 19 October) is a conversation between Helon Habila and Bongani Kona, speaking about Helon’s most recent book, Travellers. This is a novel about the experience of migrants in Europe, and is based on migrants Helon encountered himself while living in Berlin.

This novel tracks the experiences of African migrants in Europe, based on interviews Helon had done himself. This is a conversation about travelling – Helon’s life as a traveller, as well as the travels of displaced people across the European continent.

Over the next you weeks you will be able to get familiar with more than 20 other South African and Sub-Saharan authors. Their books can be purchased and shipped to you from The Book Lounge.


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