Are you an avid wildlife lover in need of live insight and fresh footage?

The South African National Parks (SANParks) website, home to 19 National parks across all provinces, carer of wildlife and our great outdoors, provide webcams in strategic posts across their properties.



5 still cameras: 3 in the Kruger National Park, 1 in Kagalagadi Transfrontier Park and 1 in Addo Elephant National park provide photos taken every few minutes. It may happen that the update is disrupted due to power failure (hey, this camera is in the African wilderness after all), or bad weather conditions.



Live camera footage include Addo Elephant National park and 2 sites at Kruger. Viewing these live streams requires high-speed internet and sufficient bandwidth allowance. The relevant web page also includes the previous day’s highlights.



And while you watch online, look for all the amazing lodges, glamping (glamourous camping) options and other accommodation options provided by SANParks. It is a great opportunity to start planning your next trip and to explore these non-commercial locations.


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