Three months ago, Radisson launched a new hotel in the V&A Waterfront’s Silo district under their new RED portfolio. Currently having 5 hotels under this brand globally, they draw their design inspiration from art, music and fashion with the intention of appealing to families, teenagers and young adults.

This theme led the structural design to create informal public spaces that encourages interaction between guests. The staff, mainly dressed in casual but still branded clothes, also broadcast an approachable vibe.
The reception area shares the space with a deconstructed hotel shop that display its’ goods on a double-sided beehive, creating both the definition and the bounds of the space.

A corridor, defined by a series of displays and serving surfaces on one side, which eventually ends with a bar, leads the guests into the eating and lounging zone. This space, with floor to ceiling windows over two stories, is the dining area/ lounge. It is furnished with a mix of personal and communal tables and sofas and faces the Silo’s main piazza.
The other side of the ground floor includes a large games studio that caters for older children and teenagers with game consoles, a ping pong table and twister boards amongst others.

On the RED rooftop you’ll find the fitness center, a small pool and a large half shadowed seating area. A 180 degree open vista overlooking Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, Signal Hill, The V&A Waterfront and the harbour, where one can easily indulge for hours. To encourage this, the rooftop bar is practically designed to function as a Mediterranean Bazar stand with a schwarma roll and a pizza oven right in front.

We have not visited the rooms yet but we’ve been informed that every room contains a unique and different piece of modern art in the spirit of the hotels’ overall design.

Images credit: Patrick King


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