Two and a half hours drive from Cape Town, getting off the N1 and travelling into the veld, nothing prepares you for the blanket of serenity and tranquility that surrounds you once you’ve reached Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve and the Western Cape Cheetah Conservation Centre.

The peaceful, main camp offers a range of double and family rooms, all scattered in small blocks among a magnificent indigenous garden and includes a pool, a few outdoor seating and dining areas that the staff interval in between, for guests to enjoy different settings for the length of their stay and a dining room to keep guests out of the cold desert nights.

The friendly staff serves breakfast and lunch in a generous buffet style and dinner is a fine dining South African experience. With the Camp being home to all the staff, once or twice a week the rangers that drove you earlier pitch in to help with dinner in order to share the load. Family friendly all the way through.

The east edge of the camp is a leap in the luxury the reserve offers- a raw of standalone Ambassador Suites, these chalets with a full wall opened to the view of the desert, is only interrupted by a semi-private pool, solely for the guests of the suites.

The rooms are modern and indulging with each of them including a staircase to its roof – furnished to enjoy sundowners or sublime star gazing.

Guests to the Ambassador Suites get their own tented dining room with the utmost privacy and attention.

And then there’s the Tented Camp. A whole new level of Safari Camping. Secluded, surprising and divine.

Leaving your own transport at the main camp, guests to the tented camp are driven into the reserve itself. In the heart of the bush, you reach Kuganha. A built path is the back bone of this dreamy place.

On one side, 3 large tents, each for a couple, is entered through an elevated balcony, followed by a dreamy, king sized bed that hides a semi-open bathroom in the back. A clever design that combines the feeling of indoors and outdoors with superb details and rough materials used delectably.

The other side of the path is a structure of 3 gazebos, one for every tent, for dining. The path ends with a small pool that is located just above the reserve’s gully and since it’s not fenced, the two elephants on the property often come visit for their morning drink, reaching the water with their trunks.

At the tented camp, guests enjoys their own chef on-site with 3 fine dining meals prepared especially for them, a Boma to warm up at and sit for pre-dinner drinks and a small spa building that comes as a bonus service for visitors that stay two nights or more.

The safari experience for all guests includes all the Big 5: lions, elephants, rhinos, Cape buffalo and leopards. You will also see hippos, elands, springbok, ostrich, zebras and giraffes. Inverdoorn is a free roaming reserve, one of the largest in the Western Cape, with many of the animals rescued from stressed farms or pre–owners.

All the animals on the reserve are endemic species to the region, reintroduced to the area by dedicated staff, and kept on diets as natural as possible.


The cheetah rescue and rehabilitation center is a great source of pride to the reserve. The cheetah is one of the great animals that Inverdoorn has rescued and returned to the region. With less than 10 000 cheetahs left in the world today, conservation initiatives such as Western Cape Cheetah Conservation has pioneered their way forward for cheetah survival.

Rescued animals undergo 4 stages of rehabilitation from undomesticating them, through teaching prey and running, re-introduce them to the wild and alienate them from humans, with the ultimate goal of releasing them back into the wild.

The evening safari includes watching the cheetahs run / hunt training and feeding, witnessing their ability to reach 120 km/h speed and to acknowledge the unprecedented work being done on the reserve to give a new chance on wildlife to some forcibly domesticated animals.

In a manner of speaking, one might say, that Inverdoorn Game Reserve is an oasis for both visitors and game animals, bringing them back home, giving them the peaceful life that they deserve.


Coming across cubs, young and newborns in the different herds, looks like mission accomplished.

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