It is rare nowadays to walk into a contemporary designed space and not to feel humbled by its size and the sheer volume surrounding your presence. Yet, with a clever play with the heights of the ceilings and a choice of a warm tone woods repeated throughout the Leopards Leap visitors’ center, you get into what is actually a series of separate functioning spaces. This will let you comfortably change your mind or share experiences with a party in which each have different interests.

Moreover, the different simultaneous happenings in the space will give you the feeling that all are welcome to share not only the great wines the estates produce, but also to engage with your neighbour for the hour and exchange ideas over a glass or a cup. No one is excluded.



On the one side of the entrance section is a comfortable seating lounge that welcomes you while waiting for the rest of your party to catch up. The other side is the location of the estate’s shop – a bit of an understatement in its title.

While the shop stocks the estate wines and additional wine accessories, it also has a large range of crafted, fine homeware and souvenirs selected from across the winelands, as well as a range of indulgent body products produced under the name of the sister estate, La Motte.

The pride and joy of the shop is the Culinaria Collection book corner. Quite large, and more substantial then the common book corner you’ll find at other estates, it aligns with Leopards Leap’s ethos of spreading knowledge and education. Books are mostly related to food and wine, growing, making and enjoying. You are welcome to sit and browse or learn a little bit more from what you were just introduced to in the tasting area or in the open kitchen.

The intermediate part of the space holds the 270° curved tasting bar that allows views of the interior or the outer winelands landscape, depending on your seat and the restaurant seating right before the buffet and carvery.

This is the popular rotisserie-style restaurant that is open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 11:30 until 15:00. Different kinds and cuts of meat roll slowly from the early hours of the morning, while the kitchen is busy preparing an extensive selection of salads and side dishes using seasonal ingredients, the lot of them grown in the fruit orchards and veg garden right across, past the outside lawns. They are all placed on a two wings buffet, the Harvest Table, from which you serve yourself and billed by weight. A dessert buffet is located across the room with offerings that will entice you to get some.


The length of the inner seating area is attached with a large balcony that includes traditional tables and chairs on the inner side and sofas on the outer. This welcomes an even more relaxed experience and interacts directly with the large, open meadow allowing young children to de-energise while the adults enjoy their meal.

The overall design of the experience is a perfect setting for the Sunday Lunch shared table. Families, groups of friends or a mix of both are welcome to book for the Family Table in which you’ll be offered generous platters from the Harvest Table, succulent selection of meats from the rotisserie as well as an array of tempting desserts.

Right at the entrance to the open kitchen at the back of the building, there is a dedicated seating space for two of the most enticing experiences the estate offers: The South African Table and the Wine & Food Pairing.

The South African Table is a starter platter followed by a three course meal in which the chefs give new interpretations and twists to the food they grew up with at home. A live TV screen broadcasts the entire process while the chefs share their modernised childhood memories on a plate and the wine ambassador matches and describes the perfect wine from the available selection.

The Wine & Dine Pairing is the perfect end to a week in the winelands or as a start to the weekend. It starts at 12:00 on Fridays and is a series of small plates matched with wines from the Culinaria Collection and is joined and explained by both the chef and the wine ambassador.

The wine need-to-know facts include the knowledge the Family Range is made for easy drinking with about 20 different wines each year and that the Culinaria Collection of complex wines is available mainly at the estate and are made to join complex flavours of food, so if you fall in love with one, you best get it while you are visiting.

The curated experiences requires at least a 48 hours’ notice and pre-booking.


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