In between 1 March – 21 April, Allée Bleue wine Estate in the Franschhoek Wine Route will offer a unique Herb and Wine Pairing.

The estate is renowned for its wide variety of fruit and fresh herbs grown and sold in supermarkets around the cape.  They also produce outstanding mission olives and cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil.

All these components will be put together during the mentioned period. Expect wines with little tapas dishes, each made using fresh herbs grown on the estate and a guided tasting that will teach you more about pairing wines with different food flavours.

The wines and fresh herbs will also be available to purchase in the Tasting Room.

Minimum booking is for 8 people at a cost of R200 per person is required and will be available daily.  Bookings have to be confirmed 24 hours before arrival. Pre-booking and pre-payment via

Consider planning for this activity as part of your day on the Franschhoek Wine Tram. Allée Bleue estate is part of the Purple and Orange lines.


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