It was with a heavy heart that we learnt earlier this year that the creator, founder and the self-made South African icon, Ms Carrol Boyes, succumbed to an illness.

In light of this, we are sharing a message of continuity and future plans from her brothers and her dedicated staff with the intention of carrying Carrol’s name further, reaching her unachieved goals and keeping the fame and reputation on the high bar she set.

Change of Management Structure within Carrol Boyes Executive Team

The future of iconic South African design company – Carrol Boyes (Pty) Ltd – following the recent passing of the founder, remains assured as key family members, brothers Charles and John Boyes, take on newly expanded roles within the management structure of the company.

Having both played pivotal roles in the growth and strategic development of Carrol Boyes (Pty) Ltd over the last 30 years, Charles and John bring a wealth of experience to their new roles of CEO and Executive Board Member respectively. Since the company’s inception, the brothers have overseen Carrol Boyes’ production at the company’s manufacturing facility, located on the family farm in Tzaneen in the Limpopo province. Moving forward, the restructuring will see the pair execute greater involvement in day-to-day running of the business, management responsibilities and spearheading international growth and expansion opportunities.

The decision to keep the company family run is one that aligns fully with the vision of Carrol Boyes. The move ensures that the company will remain committed to the ongoing production of the exceptional design and craftmanship for which the brand is recognized both locally and abroad. The brothers will continue to uphold the fundamental social upliftment and community empowerment imperatives that have guided the business development of Carrol Boyes.

Charles states: “We are incredibly proud of this company, which has delivered on outstanding design for over 30 years. The fact that we are able to nurture South African artistic talent whilst also contributing to the betterment of both individuals and society at a grassroots level serves as a constant motivation for us, and will continue to inspire us as we move forward into a new phase for the company.”

Carrol has ensured a wealth of ideas and a rich library of new designs just waiting to be executed, which will carry the brand years into the future. In addition, the design team continues to be led by Madeleine Morgan, and remains responsible for the creation of strong, sustainable relationships with suppliers along with close involvement in internal initiatives. Having worked alongside Carrol for fourteen years, Morgan is rooted in the design ethos that sets Carrol Boyes apart and which has led to its success as an exemplar of outstanding South African design.

The Carrol Boyes ranges of homeware, gifting, chocolate and wine products have a commercial presence throughout South Africa – there are 25 dedicated stores and an e-commerce site. Internationally, the brand can be found in large department stores in the US and Australia and is listed by many stockists all over the world.

Charles concludes, “We are focused on looking ahead on what is sure to be an exciting next chapter. It is our belief that everyone at the company has the opportunity to play an important role in the continued success of our company, and we, together with her loyal staff complement, will strive to honour the incredible legacy that Carrol has left behind.”