Vacationing in Cape Town with teenagers has some great opportunities that allow independence and social time. We’ve got some great suggestions for you that involves more than just a free Wi-Fi list.

Stargazing at the Iziko Planetarium comes with a glimpse into the dark universe. Laying back on specially designed chairs in the revamped dome takes one on a journey of discovery in a spectacular audiovisual journey.

Sundowners, a day wrapping activity loved by locals and visitors alike, gets the appropriate twist when enjoying it while sipping mocktails. It is the non-alcoholic version to cocktails which some establishments and their bartenders along the seaboard perfected in recent years. Give it a try while seated on the upper deck of the Peninsula All-Suite Hotel.

The Red Roof at Radisson Red has its own open kitchen counter that makes and serves on-the-spot burgers, pizza and tapas, all with the unparalleled view of the mountains and harbour and a small dipping pool.

Movie screening at a private cinema, lounging on recliner chairs with your own serving of popcorn and a soft drink always gets the thumbs up. The Odeon Cinema at the Pepper Club hotel screens classic favourites at 18:00 and 20:30 from Thursday to Saturday. The ticket price includes a one course dinner at the hotel restaurant. Although the experience is primarily designed for adults, movies are family friendly, making it a good option to add to your list (P.S. they also have children’s screenings on Saturday and Sunday mornings).

The 12 Apostles Hotel screening room have a monthly schedule and run screenings 5 times a day. It is accompanied by a lavish assortment of goodies, including popcorn, hot chocolate, milkshakes and candy.

Music lovers should add to the list a time slot at the Mojo Market. From Friday to Saturday local bands and talents take the stage and the crowd is a mix from all walks of life. With great food offerings and plenty of sitting the market draw youngsters to come and celebrate.


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