A new Head Chef at The One & Only raises the bar:

Exciting and different are two words that barely begin to describe the new Spring-Summer menu at Reuben’s restaurant in the One & Only resort, Cape Town.

After taking a professional detour around the Cape, Chef Jason Millar is back to collaborate with Chef Reuben Riffle to create an entirely new menu. It is a combination of sourcing top local ingredients that can be achieved only by working closely with producers over a long period of time and pouring in extensive knowledge in traditional high cuisine, diverse cooking methods and the impact they have on flavours. All of this resulted in tasty, aromatic and beautiful dishes.

Designed and served as a small plates menu, it enables the opportunity to explore more than one dish of each section and soak in a variety of local flavours. Although focused on local ingredients, the menu is diverse enough to cater to different dietary requirements. Furthermore, the chefs went to extra lengths to create these versatile dishes up front so dinner will not be compromised over an improvised dish.

Keep in mind that the One & Only resort offers the opportunity to enjoy a full evening experience, made possible by starting your visit at The Vista Lounge with its’ elegant setting and the unbeatable view of Table Mountain. Their new mixologist creates his own unique liquor extracts on-site and combines them with spirits from all over the globe, creating new twists to well-known cocktails.


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