Fans of Delheim wines from Stellenbosch already recognise the title as being part of their logo for many years. This is for being located at the end of a cul de sac, on top of one of the most beautiful side roads in the region and at the foot the majestic Simonsberg mountains.

And with a great location comes big responsibility. Delheim wine estate, an eco-champion, is one of the founders of the Greater Simosnsberg Conservancy, part of the farm’s long natural heritage. Delheim’s first environmental management plan was written in 1976, so it will come as no surprise that the farm has become a haven for fynbos flora and fauna.

This long lasting practice recently got a gastronomic presentation in the form of a wine and fynbos cupcake pairing. Home to the Boland Granite fynbos type, this 4 sectional, artisanal pairing is available at the tasting room 7 days a week (bookings are preferred).

This long lasting environmentally friendly practice is mainly possible due to the fact that this estate is a family business with members of the family constantly residing on the property and interacting with guests. You’ll get an everyday welcome drink as soon as you complete the journey, at the gate complex. Gluhwein – warm, scented wine is served over the winter and naturally flavoured fruit water over the summer.

The tasting room, another part of family history, holds a great collection of new and old vintages. A skillful eye will also spot the ‘Holy Cellar’ at the back of the room – this is the private collection of the family, holding back the estate’s wine history.

While the front of the tasting room holds the most popular wines, those that are familiar to any South African wine connoisseur, the back of the cellar holds some iconic findings.

You’ll find older vintages, limited editions and the award winning Edelspatz Nobel Late Harvest which is back on the shelves after the years of drought that didn’t allow nature to develop the conditions for the vines to produce the perfect grapes.

Another point of interest in the tasting room would be the range of Vegan wines. Part of the wider philosophy of environmental awareness, the first vegan wine was launched in the late 70’s. It is the Pinotage-Rosé and it is currently joined with Sauvignon Blanc and a Shiraz-Cabernet. City dwellers can easily find them at Spar & Checkers supermarkets.

Known for their location at the edge of a natural forest, Delheim is an exit point to a 5 km trail or guided walk as well as mountain biking (MTB). Permits can be purchased at the welcome center.

A more relaxing way to enjoy the forest can be made by ordering a picnic from the estate restaurant. Located on the far side of the estate, behind the wine cellar, the shaded picnic ground is a place for the whole family with lots to enjoy and explore. With the estate’s practice of bio-natural water management and an assortment of carefully developed dams, ponds and waterways, you’ll enjoy a rich diversity of bird life.

Picnics are usually available between September and March but if you are a winter visitor and would still like to enjoy the outdoors on a lovely day, give them a shout, the restaurant will make a plan.


Now that we’ve mentioned it, the restaurant includes indoor seating and a popular, large balcony. It is situated in front of an opening in the mountain landscape and offers a view as far as Table Mountain on a day with good visibility.

The homey South African menu embrace its location with offering, among others, dishes that include wild mushrooms. Although not picked on the property regularly, members of the area and the wine club, often join the organised picking days a few times a year. It is a menu that will suit every palate with well presented, generous dishes. The restaurant offers a daily German Breakfast and a Cape Malay menu for lunch.

On Sundays, during winter months, the tasting room, mentioned earlier, hosts a series of Jazz and fondue lunches. Patrons are seated around different table sizes and are entertained by excellent local talents. A gathering fit for any party.

Delheim will gladly host your conference and share their beautiful location with any visitor. Do not forget to toss a coin into the wishing well before you leave – you will definitely want to come back.

Delheim is located on Knorhoek Road, off the R44. The estate is open for visitors 7 days a week. For more info and reservations visit https://www.delheim.com/


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