Pearl Mountain wine and olive farm, nestled in the northern outskirts of the town of Paarl is a family jewel known mostly to locals. Located on the slopes of Paarl Mountain, the farm overlooks the suture line between the Paarl and Wellington valleys, with vineyards and orchards running down and then climbing back up the Drakenstein Mountains across the valley.

Owned and managed by the Retief family for 5 generations, a visit to the farm unveils a mix of developments and changes, made over the years that gives one a family welcome feeling.

The plot was originally inhabited by a blacksmith in 1747, taking advantage of the water stream that crosses by. What is believed to be his original dwelling and workshop is today home to the wine tasting facility and the Blacksmith Restaurant respectively.

The wine production of the farm’s yield started at 2004 and they provide both unwooded, easy drinking wines and wood barrel fermented premium wines. All the grapes are grown on the farm and all wines are created sourced from single block vineyards on the cool, east-facing slopes of the Paarl Mountain. They also cold press and bottle olive oil of which quantities vary every year, depending on the size of the crop.

The tasting itself is a lovely alfresco experience. You will be seated on the open porch, beneath the old Oaks and savor the taste, smell and landscape all at once.

The larger part of the old building is taken by the farm’s restaurant, The Blacksmith Kitchen. A cosy and relaxed bistro-style restaurant that serves a seasonal menu of local carnivore favourites and a great selection of vegetarian dishes too. The menu includes both personal dishes and platters to share and makes constant use of the large vegetable and herb garden at the back.

The friendly staff and the eclectic furniture welcome a relaxed, long stay and the outdoor area is a great places for a party gatherings.

The events and conference venue is located in the old packaging factory that received a very attentive transformation.

The arrival outdoor lounge shares the same breathtaking views as the rest of the farm facilities while being secluded and enclosed with leafy walls on two sides. The venue building enjoys a high ceiling and is open to the panoramic view through its full length. It is a fusion of industrial and old farm charm with a great flow between in and out.

The herb garden mentioned earlier, shares the slope shoulder with a beautiful, English style garden. The original design and the creation of the core features, like the location of the big oaks, bushed edges, flower beds, shaded and unshaded areas, were all designed 3 generations ago by the grandmother of the current operational team.

While some parts of the garden remain to the exclusive use of the family, the parts closer to the venue and restaurant are open for public use, making it a perfect romantic backdrop for ceremonies.

Pearl Mountain and the Blacksmith Kitchen restaurant are open Tuesday – Saturday: 12.00 to 22.00 and Sunday: 11.30 to 16.00