The Cape Town Diamond Museum Turned 8

The Cape Town Diamond Museum Turned 8

One of Cape Town’s most unique and enduring tourist attractions, the Cape Town Diamond Museum, celebrated its eighth anniversary on Saturday, 23 November 2019.

It remains the only facility of its kind, showcasing the staggering effect that 3.3 billion-year-old diamonds have had on the world, the South African economy and the hearts of millions who have celebrated truly special occasions with the gift of the most sought-after gems.

The Cape Town Diamond Museum pays homage to the extraordinary story of humankind’s fascination with diamonds in an insightful, sophisticated and stylish manner, which has made it a firm favourite with local and international visitors alike. At its opening in 2011, then-CEO of Cape Town Tourism, Mariette Du Toit-Helmbold, hailed the Cape Town Diamond Museum as “an exciting addition to Cape Town’s diversity of attractions, telling the stories of our city and country and the journeys that shaped our history” – something which remains at the heart of the museum’s mission.

The Cullinan, The Hope, The Taylor-Burton… The names of some of the world’s most famous diamonds conjure images of incomparable beauty, fiery passion and deep mystery. While the world’s most famous, dazzling gems are often only part of private collections, it’s possible to see magnificent replicas of the best-known diamonds in the world at the Cape Town Diamond Museum.

In a first for the country – The Desert Rose Ring, featuring 798 diamonds, was a showstopper at The Protagonist, an exhibition curated by Vogue Italia for the prestigious Salon Art + Design Fair in New York City this last November. Shimansky was selected to join a line-up of international fine jewellery design houses to celebrate the best in mindful and sustainable fine jewellery. This ring has been on display at Shimansky’s showroom on New York’s iconic 5th Avenue post the event and now, as part of the Cape Town Diamond Museum’s 8th birthday, Capetonians and visitors of the Mother City will be able to experience the beauty of the Desert Rose Ring too.

Shimansky Jewellers Founder and CEO, Yair Shimansky, is proud that the Cape Town Diamond Museum continues to showcase the story of the world’s most beloved treasure, a diamond. “It’s our privilege to continue to share this journey from mine to finger with visitors from far and wide and continue to inspire and excite our guests with unique displays that offer true insight into these glittering gems”.


The Cape Town Diamond Museum is situated on Level 1 of the Clock Tower at the Waterfront in Cape Town and is open 7 days a week, from 9am – 9pm. For more information, visit

As part of their 8th birthday celebrations, one can book a complimentary tour on