The Best Data Deals With Smartcall

The Best Data Deals With Smartcall

If you prefer to stay contract free while having super-fast LTE internet and easy to set up then these Smartcall LTE deals are perfect for you.

The entire solution is available on their online store. Here you can purchase a Telkom LTE Starter Pack with a pre-loaded bundle or alternatively you can recharge any of the LTE bundles if you already have a pre-paid SIM.

Please make sure you have Telkom LTE coverage before making the purchase, just go to .

If you are an existing Telkom customer just change your Price Plan to SmartBroadband before you recharge your number. This can be done by inserting your SIM card into a phone and dialling *180# and selecting option 5 to change your tariff plan to SmartBroadband.

New entry-level 10GB & 20GB offers are available online and all other bundles have been enriched with additional data.

Anytime data on all the data bundles listed below is valid for two months (61 days). Night Surfer data allocation is valid for one month.

SmartbroadBand customers can top up anytime using out online store; bundles are available in sizes of 10GB all the way through to 440GB.

To view your balance, Log in to the Telkom Mobile Self Service portal at: login/ or Dial *188#

Get better value on Prepaid! Get Telkom LTE data bundle listed below.

SIM-Only Top-Up prices are as follows:

SmartBroadband 10GB R 99
SmartBroadband 20GB R 149
SmartBroadband 40GB R 249
SmartBroadband 80GB R 359
SmartBroadband 120GB R 459
SmartBroadband 160GB R 559
SmartBroadband 240GB R 759
SmartBroadband 440GB R 1 059