Stay, Eat And Play At Vensterklip On The West Coast Way

Stay, Eat And Play At Vensterklip On The West Coast Way

Sometimes space and deadlines conspire to keep us from saying everything we’d like to say about a place, especially if this place is a paradise. Such is the case with the intriguing Vensterklip Guest Farm. Found on the West Coast Way’s wild route of South Africa, just 220km north of Cape Town and 5km from the renowned surf spot, Elands Bay.

Not only does Vensterklip lie in a historic World Heritage site of outstanding natural beauty, but there are so many extraordinary things for you to look forward to:


It’s All About Old-Farm Authentic Charm

Old-farm glamour and grandeur come together to create the magnetic atmosphere at Vensterklip. This working farm is a luxury escape at the front door of the world-famous Cederberg region.

As one of West Coast Way’s premier authentic experiences, Vensterklip, is simply gorgeous. This well-maintained property has an outdoor swimming pool, a well-equipped wedding and celebration centre, and a beautiful indoor and outdoor restaurant and historic bar.

Their Red Shed Farmstall is also a prime spot to shop South-African handicrafts and locally sourced souvenirs and road trip favourites like ‘appelkoos’ (apricot) sweets.

Did we mention that this landmark is home to beautifully restored Voortrekker wagons and the place where bikers have all hung their helmets for a night or two before hitting the open-road again?

Between the Manor House, restored historic cottages, luxury backpack units and camping options, you’ll find an accommodation range with a quirky old-world charm.

You really can’t go wrong with your room choice, so it just depends on your group size, budget and style.


Food and Drink That Tells A Story

You know the saying: You have to taste a culture to understand it?  Eating at Vensterklip is a major part of making holiday memories. The restaurant’s indoor and outdoor setting is inspirational in its design and farm-feel. Vensterklip restaurant is a prime place to try local and Mediterranean-inspired dishes and seasonal specialities of the area.


You’ll never be bored at Vensterklip. There is such an incredibly diverse array of things to do:


Art Of The San

We know getting up early may not be the first thing you want to do on vacation, but taking in the day’s first light over the ocean from the Elands Bay Cave filled with San (Bushmen) Rock Art is a spiritually enriching experience.


Flowers Of The Sea

Exploring the tidal pools will give you unique insta-worthy pics with fascinating Cape Fur seals, sea birds and flowering sea anemones for a colourful and noisy display.

Surfing At Elands Bay Point

Experience the surf culture by visiting Mossel Pot. Here you can hire a surfboard to lay claim that you’ve tried the left-hand reef and left-hand point break at this world-class surfing location. Autumn and Winter are the optimum times of year to try it out. So basically any time is a good time!

Vensterklip is a beautiful piece of wilderness. Time stands still here. Chill out in the outback of the West Coast Way on the wild route.


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