A weekend of Intimate Art Encounters in the arts town of Riebeek Valley. 11-13 December 2020.

Solo Studios is a collaboration between artists, art curators and galleries based in Riebeek Valley.

Over the course of the weekend you will have the opportunity to meet with 17 Riebeek Valley artists, some of whom are among South Africa’s most acclaimed. View 10 group exhibitions and take in a variety of additional activities which include: Art of Wine, Solo Kitchens – Chefs’ Tables, The Burning Truth – Thought Leadership Talks and Avant-garde Theatre.

It is to be noted that complementary activities are open for booking solely to those who already completed their art view booking since the experiences are designed to give art goers the context in which local artists work and live.

Group exhibitions teams very between painting, photography and 3 dimensional art.

Performing arts are scheduled for late hours of the day to allow participants to complete their studio viewing and not miss out the additional excitement.

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