Earlier this year we’ve met with Hannah O’Leary, a Sotheby’s director and head of Modern and Contemporary African Art. She is based in London, yet frequently visits the African continent with South Africa enjoying a constant growing portion of her time and expertise. We’ve chatted about art treasures, supporting reputable talents and enabling the local and global art collectors a greater international exposure through Sotheby’s varied platforms and worldwide presence.

Pioneering the secondary art sales for modern African art, Sotheby’s went from non-existing to 20,000,000 USD (twenty million) turnover in one decade, creating this new category in the art world while confirming the confidence of sellers and buyers trusted in their ability to discover and identify value in lesser known markets at that time.

The core service Sotheby’s offers in the secondary market are appraisals for private collectors – would it be insurance valuation and selling of current holdings on one hand and expert acquisitions and investment advisory on the other. With utmost confidentiality and knowledge, their travels translate into personal attention and careful treatment to meet a seller or collectors interest.

Hannah and her team would gladly help investors looking to discover the African market. With their experience and proven record, a collector can be rest assured that acquisitions will enjoy both monitory and artistic value.

International collectors, interested in discovering and learning more about African art are encouraged to visit exhibitions and browse, to get familiar with the visual languages and artistic movements originating from the continent and find their likes and loves, in order to create a base to grow their collection in a satisfactory manner.

Sotheby’s is the only auction house to hold regular African and Oceanic auctions throughout the year in two of their principal selling locations; New York in May and November and Paris in June and December. Recent highlights include Tresors: Collection Frum, the first auction dedicated to Oceanic art which broke records with three works selling for more than 1,500,000 USD and the Senufo Female Figure by the Master of Sikasso from the Myron Kunin collection which shattered world records, selling for 12,037,000 USD

Sotheby’s highly-curated auctions present cultural works of the highest quality from across Sub-Saharan Africa, Australia, Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia and Indonesia. They hold pre-sale exhibitions during Contemporary and Modern art weeks, leading the trend of crossover collecting between these complementary fields, creating dynamic growth in the collecting of African and Oceanic art.

Sotheby’s permanent presence in Paris, New York and London attracts a global audience of buyers and bidders from private collectors to museums. This led to unmatched results, cementing Sotheby’s as the leading international auction house within the field.

Whether you are interested in offering a work for sale, making a purchase or asking for appraisals, browse comprehensive website.