Sentinels of the South

A multidisciplinary showcase of Antarctic science, examining the history, discoveries and current role of South Africa’s Antarctic and Southern Ocean exploration. The showcase highlights the rich and unique biodiversity found on the Prince Edward Islands, and the role these islands play in understanding the impact of climate change and invasive species on indigenous biodiversity.

At the Iziko South African Museum.

Matereality challenges traditional notions around what materials are suited to art-making. The exhibition highlights how contemporary artists from the African continent are using certain materials to explore different issues and ideas that give insight into their reality. Some artists employ industrial materials and methods, while others adopt craft skills, or put throwaway products of consumer society to new uses. The works on show provides a sense of some of the contemporary approaches explored.

OPENS: 14 February 2020 at the Iziko South African National Gallery

Drawing from the Collection showcases highlights from the Iziko South African National Gallery collection’s drawings; from past eras and many nations, to those unfinished and playful, those serious in their detail, and those satirical in their execution. This song is for… – presented by Standard Bank Young Artist award winner for Visual Art 2019, Gabrielle Goliath – brings together a unique collection of dedication songs. Each song, chosen by a survivor of rape, bears personal significance – taking them back to a particular time and place, and evoking a sensory world of memory and feeling. Goliath worked in close collaboration with the survivors and a group of women and gender-queer led musical ensembles to create this work.

At Iziko South African Museum, Origins of Early Sapiens Behaviour promises to blow you away as you learn about our collective human heritage; Wonders of Nature highlights the beauty and diversity of the natural world – from across space and time; Virtual Earth takes on the form of a Gaiasphere – an interactive digital theatre housed in a larger-than-life back-projected hemisphere, and animating the changes happening across the Earth’s surface; and Tata Madiba: Father of our Democracy, Father of our Nation comes as a sincere conversation around the life of Nelson Mandela and his struggles, joys, and remarkable contribution to the protection of South Africa’s biodiversity.

At Iziko Slave Lodge, KEMET: Life in Ancient Egypt –follow the story that unfolds when an ordinary Egyptian passes away and enters the afterlife through an Augmented Reality game, developed by students of the Friends of Design: Academy of Digital Arts in Cape Town. SAVE THE DATE: 11 January 2020, public lecture, Egyptian collections in museums across the world by Dr Alice Stevenson of University College London.

Enquiries: Esther Esmyol at eesmyol@iziko.org.za or on 021 467 7205.