Setting a goal to be a world leader in passenger traffic to and from Cape Town is a very ambitious decision to begin with. Finding within your organisation the right people to carry the daily details of this task to a successful resolute adds the odd factor of luck.

And yet, in just a few years, Ethiopian Airlines set themselves the goal to be a major player among world reputable air carriers and become one of the leading airlines to impact the growing number of travellers passing through Cape Town International Airport with currently 8 flights a week and with an increase scheduled to 10 flights per week starting from 1 December (till 1 April 2020).

This was achieved, without a doubt, by choosing to position a knowledgeable company representative that knows the brand, its aims and potential to develop in the emerging market that we call home.

Mekdes Abera Aboset is Ethiopian Airlines Southern African Traffic and Sales Manager, based in the Mother City of Cape Town. Mekdes boasts over a decade of experience in delivering a wide range of services to Ethiopian Airlines from the beginning of her fruitful career journey.


Starting out as a junior ticketing agent in 2009, Mekdes has shown immaculate resilience in her career path – “I am a reliable manager who thrives in a high-volume and fast-paced environment, offering 10 years of my services to Ethiopian Airlines,” says Aboset.


Self-motivated and passionate about her line of work, Mekdes is the key driver for the airline’s day to day marketing planning, new business development and account management – just to name a few responsibilities – and ensures that her vision aligns with the airline’s vision and growth for the future.


Aboset is also an ambassador for the airline, constantly aware of her responsibility to keep the airline at the top of the minds of the public and adhering with the brand’s guidelines and regulations. A typical day in the office consists of liaising with travel agencies, evaluating sales performances and analysing performance areas which are crucial for the identity of the brand.


“At times, the work I do does become a bit challenging, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love exceeding expectations and pushing boundaries; this gives me a chance to prove to myself that I am capable of doing more great work for the airline and beyond,” she says.


Having completed her Master of Arts in Commerce in Kolkata in 2016 and her Bachelor of Arts in Business Management in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Mekdes has proven to the world that she is the right lady to tackle this demanding position.


On a personal note, Aboset enjoys running when she takes a break from her daily responsibilities. Since moving to Cape Town in 2018, Aboset’s favourite place of interest is Table Mountain. “I love it here; the people are friendly and it’s quite relaxing. My heart will always be in Addis Ababa, but this is what I currently call home for now,” concludes Aboset.


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