Amuse Bouche

· Prawn sweetcorn fritters topped with cream cheese, a prawn, & tomato chili jam

· Sweetcorn fritters topped with cream cheese & tomato chili jam

· Vegan: Marinated sesame tofu with tomato & ginger jam. Served on individual side plates

Starters – Centrally plated

· Smoked salmon wrapped around fresh strawberry, cream cheese & rocket(garnished with Kewpie mayo & lumpfish)

· 5 Spice chicken wrapped in cucumber ribbons drizzled with sweet apple soy & candied red chilli slices

· Chilled papaya, lemongrass & coconut soup

· Rare beef crostini with cream cheese, rocket, balsamic onions & fresh strawberries

· Fried brie topped with beetroot & star anise chutney


Vegan Starters

· Chilled papaya, lemongrass & coconut soup

· Falafel with beetroot hummus

· Onion & coriander chilli bites

· Marinated olives & jalapeno pineapple sticks

· Rice paper spring rolls (red cabbage, carrot, red & yellow peppers, mint, coriander, ginger, sweet chilli & mange tout)


Palate Cleanser

· Lemon grass & raspberry sorbet


Main Course

· Leg of Lamb: Rosemary, cumin & tomato roasted lamb, served on a Roman gnocchi round with rainbow carrots, baby tomatoes & green asparagus


· Dark Chocolate & Chilli Fillet: Medium grilled tender beef fillet,seductively covered with a dark Callebaut chilli chocolate sauce, served with spiced hasselback potato, green asparagus & baby tomatoes


· Norwegian Salmon: Aromatic soy grilled salmon,served on wasabi mashed potato with lime cream reduction, with stir-fried veg (carrots, red peppers, yellow peppers & bok choi)


· Parmesan Chicken: Whole de-boned chicken filled with cranberries, Danish feta & pecan nuts, crusted with Padano gremolata, served with spiced hasselback potato, green asparagus & baby tomatoes


· Vegan Stack: Roasted red pepper & butternut risotto, topped with a mushroom steak, roasted sweet peppers & green asparagus


Dessert Trio Platter

All desserts are vegan friendly

· Coconut & cardamom panna cotta with mango & ginger reduction

· Dark chocolate mousse garnished with mini raspberry meringues

· Strawberry & watermelon sticks with rose & juniper syrup

We will put on a show of note that will start at 20:00 and build up to way after midnight.


Price options as follow:

R1950 per person including french Champagne, one bottle for each 4 people (2 seater also get a bottle)

R1750 per person for local Champagne MCC

R1550 for non alcoholic bubbly

Children under 12 R1000 per person

Lots of surprises and celebrations.

We are famous for our New Years party and are always fully booked.

Please don’t leave your booking to late so we can have the pleasure to entertain you.