We just love when innovation and intelligence leads to a clever twist in the plot. An exemplary case is when you face the creations delivered by Head on Design.

It is for all the good reasons that trophy hunting was band around the continent many years ago but still, travelers are left with the craving to uphold and possess some of the African splendor when traveling back to their native lands. This primal need is met by the graceful creations of Joanna Orr. She manages to create a sustainable, eco-friendly take of wildlife heads, capturing the beauty for you to hold without any of the cruelty.


Furthermore, by using recyclable materials the designer keeps a low carbon footprint impact. Once you unpack, assemble and hang the chosen piece on your wall all that is shown is the dazzle you experienced on your African Safari trip.

Joanna’s love of nature, and its conservation, is evident in her beautiful range of majestic Kudu, Elephant, Lion and Rhino three-dimensional heads. Each head is carefully designed and crafted from specially cut facets of natural bamboo, birch ply or recycled board. Each facet then cleverly slots together to form a striking wildlife art piece.

A recent stroke of genius resulted in a very special collaboration between Joanna and fellow artist, Sharon Boonzaier. Both share a studio space in Cape Town, a shop at the V&A Waterfront, as well as a deep love of the natural world. Together Joanna and Sharon have launched a limited range of hand painted sculptural animal heads. Each piece of each Kudu or Elephant head is delicately hand painted by Sharon in ink and gold leaf. Each head is inspired by themes of South Africa’s natural and historical heritage, including the African Jungle, a Baobab Elephant Woodland and the Dutch-Asian Delft depicting the Cape’s indigenous fynbos and wildlife. No one piece is the same and each unique head is an artwork to behold.

A second range of artist prints on the heads, also signed by the artist, are offered at a more affordable price.

They flat-pack each sculpture with great care, along with clear easy-to-follow instructions so that the heads can easily be reassembled by their new owner.

Heads are made from the lovely locally-produced recycled material called Xanita board, they weigh between about 400gr for the mini head to 1kg and 1.5kgs for the medium. The others, made from bamboo or birch ply, including the painted heads, are about 2 – 3.5 kg depending on the animal chosen, the Kudu being the lightest, and the Elephant being the heaviest.

Sculptures can be purchased online at www.headondesign.co.za or from the shop F058 at the Watershed, V&A Waterfront.


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