Your family and friends deserve 5-star attention. This is why we’ve assembled a series of recipes from some of Cape Town’s finest venues and paired them with extraordinary, award-winning wines from our Winelands. These recipes are all part of this seasons’ menus, for you to turn it into a shared memory by either hosting at home or making a reservation.


By Executive Resort Chef Chris Mare at One and Only Cape Town


1 Side Norwegian Salmon 1kg Rock Salt 850g Sugar 200g Mixed black and white peppercorns 20g Coriander 15 Cloves Juice and zest 2 lemons and limes 4 Bunches dill


Mix all the ingredients together and cover the salmon side – making sure it is covered entirely. Cover and refrigerate for 24 hours. Remove from the cure and rinse off under cold running water. Slice and serve with Foie Grass* and Cheeky Lemon Dressing*.


500ml Lemon juice 250ml Soy sauce 150g Garlic chilli sauce 5g Ground black pepper 500ml Oil


Put all ingredients in a blender and pulse gently. Pass through a chinois, but do not force.


900g A grade foie gras lobe 1 Tablespoon salt ½ Teaspoon pink curing salt 1 Teaspoon sugar ½ Teaspoon white pepper 2 Teaspoons Madeira 1 Cup sliced black truffles


Bring the foie gras to room temperature to soften. Separate the main lobes and remove the veins with tweezers and a paring knife. Season the foie gras with the salt, pink salt, sugar and white pepper and place in a sous vide bag. Add the Madeira and cognac. Cover one side with the truffle slices. Seal the bag and marinade for 24 hours. Place the bag of marinated foie gras in a water bath at 60’C for 10 minutes, and then in an ice bath for 2-3 minutes. Do not allow the fats to solidify.

Perdeberg – The Vineyard Collection

Our Vineyard Collection Wines are made from specific vineyards, each with its unique character for its cultivar and terroir. For this reason, all wines in the range are of single cultivar. Wines are made in an elegant new world style and with subtle wood contact on the reds. White wines are unwooded.

MCC: Chenin Blanc; Pinot Noir

White Wines: Chenin Blanc; Sauvignon Blanc; Grenache Blanc

Red Wines: Pinotage;  Shiraz; Cinsualt; Malbec




By Executive Head Chef Jochen Riedel at Winchester Mansions

INGREDIENTS (6-8 portions)

For the anglaise

400ml milk,100g sugar 3 vanilla pods, 9 egg yolks 9 bronze gelatine leaves

500g peach puree, 400ml cream 1 fresh peach

METHOD Anglaise

Warm the milk, sugar and vanilla together. Remove from heat and whisk in the egg yolks. Return to heat and allow to thicken. Remove from heat, add the gelatine and strain. Add the peach puree and leave to cool. Whisk the cream and fold into the puree mix. Pour into moulds and leave to set. Decorate with fresh peach slices before serving.

Diemersfontein – Oviation Spumante

Tropical fruit on the nose and a semi-sweet taste with a light sparkle on the palate makes this wine fit for any occasion.

TASTING NOTES: Tropical fruit on the nose and a semi-sweet taste with a light sparkle on the palate makes this wine fit for any occassion.

FOOD PAIRING: Enjoy with friends to celebrate or with desserts like strawberries and cream or fruit salads.


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