Carrol Boyes Functional Art, one of South Africa’s exemplary brands that combines innovative, nature inspired design and local labour, has gone a step further in its’ environmental and social responsibilities when recently collaborating with The Joinery.

The Joinery, a young brand that prides itself in an ethical approach to design and manufacturing, took upon themselves to create something beautiful from plastic waste, mainly drinking bottles that are thrown away by millions each month. Their focus is on finding solutions to environmental and community issues through design.

The increased awareness and proactive spirit among businesses and private citizens to create longevity – pieces that are kept and treasured rather than relegated to trash after a short lifespan brought those two forces together. Meeting all luxury brands ethos of creating timeless, sustainable products the two created a range of felt tote bags and pouches.

All the products are made by local artisans and sewing co-operatives based in and around informal settlements in Cape Town – and as such its initiatives contribute directly to job creation and furthering innovation in the textile economy, turning potential waste into something positive.

This collectable range of bags, each handmade tote and pouch, is made from recycled plastic bottles otherwise destined for the landfill. A total of 7 000 bottles was used for the creation of 1 000 totes and 1 000 pouch bags for the Carrol Boyes and The Joinery collaboration. The decorative multipurpose tote is perfect for everyday use – for daily grocery shopping, on-board plane travel, to transport or for beach days. The pouch is ideal for small makeup or stationery items, or to keep chargers safe.

Initiatives such as these, where sustainability and community involvement can be combined, underpinned by a spirit of collaboration, emphasise the pioneering and big picture the Carrol Boyes ethos represents.

Bags and pouches are available from Carrol Boyes stores and online at www.carrolboyes.com


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