Walking up the stairs from the street level in the east city, you get the feeling of being wrapped in mystery and promise. Once reaching the upper platform the dame still doesn’t give away all her secrets in one take.

A friendly and attentive hostess behind an Art Deco desk leads you around one of the largest, most generous bar settings this city has to offer. Stretched over two walls, the L shaped bar is stocked with both classic offers and new comers on the international alcohol menu. Making sure the attentive service will escort your entire stay, the bar is manned by 7 to 10 bartenders each evening, leveling up to a supreme standard of service.

The bar ends with the reveling of venues, the main space which offers a series of elevated lounges open and looking onto the center that includes some less formal seating and the stage area. As the evening heats up, furniture is removed, and dancing picks up.

Harringtons Food 1 Harringtins Food 2

The overall design is a lush renovation, restoration and conservation of a fine Art Nouveau heritage building. Combining that with the attentive service a visitor is welcomed into an adult world of fun, friendliness and indulgence.

The menu offers a wide range of tapas like servings in two different sizes to answer the varied needs of either bar sitting or night spending. Cocktails, served in large palm filling tumblers, are noticeable all around the venue.

Open on Thursday and Friday from noon, it is a great option for a business meeting or a place to socialise with friends after a working week, putting it to rest and sliding gently into a blissful weekend.

Harrington’s Cocktail Lounge
61 Harrington Street
Open Thursdays & Fridays 12 noon till late. Saturdays 5pm till late.


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