The best read you’ll have today! In celebration of Mother’s Day 2018 we had a competition with The Diamond Works and asked our followers to share with us their mothers’ best saying. We couldn’t just leave it as comments.

Sharing it with all of you the joy we got, thanking you for having Hello Cape Town on your feed and please give a big kiss and a hag to all the mothers that are with us.

And yes, we left some in Afrikaans.

Elmaree Fisher P-Pray U-Until S-Something H-Happens

Roxanne Stevens U will never find a mother like me again

Shane Carelse Why bite the hand that feeds

Tanya Welch While you under my roof

Donna Little #EugeneLittle I’m Ma, Pa, Uncle Dick . . . . . .

Celeste Leibrandt Dress up show up and never let the world know your problems

Natalie Vos I bought you into this world and I can take you out again

Joshua Murray If you want something in life you should chase it and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it because at the end of the day the 🌎 is a me place and people don’t like seeing you succeed because they didn’t. That’s why I love my mom and she is the strongest person I know🙈☺️

Heather Brannan Odendaal Do you want a reason to cry

Shaheeda Loofer Always look your best when you leave the house..you never know who you gonna run into

Cemelia Bianca Roberts Always smile no matter how your world is falling apart on the inside. The Lord will provide in all circumstances 🙂

Suzette Viviers Everything in life is just a start away…. meaning just take on any task and you can do it!

Anderesa Huisamen My Mommy was with me during the birth of my daughter. I was in labor from 5am and my daughter was born at 19:35. After that day my Mommy always said: “Don’t mess with my girl, I witnessed what a warrior she can be for the one’s she loves”. Miss my Queen so much

Yvonne Openshaw “Ask your father” ❤️

Yvette Cilliers “I have eyes behind my head”…..I think it was true, she always knew what we had done. haha

Jacky Parsotam If you gonna get caught…don’t do it!!!

Fiona Mitchell “Dont count your chickens before they hatch”

Leeann Bathgate Relax I’ve got your back

Cde Sheillah Lyonn She always says:”The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today”

Cde Sheillah Lyonn You could win

Ncuthwa Sbonise Asheron Luke Don’t leave the house without praying

Amanda Bengtson Do u hav a jacket? U neva knw with this weather.

Nimmi Andrew Always treat people with kindness

Heather Calmeyer Jainoodien Hard work never killed anyone

Elfie Werli Teile dein Glück…denn nur wer teilt ist glücklich….

Ragmat Baron Never judge a book by its cover

Angel Markus Relaxed and have some tea ….
Thea Kleynhaus Lennox My mom would say stop figiting or i’ll box your ears

Zimonita Zimy Swartz “Be more than just tits and toosh” I still use that phrase.

And always, always “You won’t find a mom like me again” so damn true!!!

Leizl Wilson “Ai Ja Ne”

Masroefa Kassen The left hand doesn’t always have to know what the right hand is doing.

Anusha Naidoo My mom said
“Beauty is living your life your way, being happy within yourself inside and out, and not worrying about what people think of you”

Janine Dixon Solomon ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Love you’ ❤️

Devika Jawahir “Mothers know best” especially when giving advice

Devika Jawahir *True Beauty Comes From Within*

Devika Jawahir “Kindness comes with its own Rewards”

Candice Pitro Be yourself no matter what!!

Shandre Bacon-Mager What God knows about you is much more important than what others think about you.

Janice Johnson Your attitude determines your life

Astrid De Villiers Count your blessings one by one
Astrid De Villiers Times of trouble don’t forget what God has done
Winnie September Take good care of yourself.

Leatitia du Toit Moenie dit doen nie!

Lishon Bland Laughter is the best Medicine

Siphiwo Mendu Always respect a human being forget about his / her condition, poor or rich they are still human!

Sandy Solomons Get up, dress up and show up.

Sharon Morgan I will give u something to cry for 😊

Erica Isaacs ‘Forget the mistake, remember the lesson’

Zelna Visser Wag tot jou pa by die huis kom! “Wait till your dad gets home”!

Pamela Patricia Duarte You’ll be judged by the company you keep……

Faziela Prantice Always treat people like you want to be treated. And charity begins at home 😍

Nonhlekazi Mahazard Ndlovu Learn to forgive those who hurts you

Cathy Cameron-Cox You must forgive those who wronged you.

Wa Kwa Mdhluli Always reminds me…you have a family now…especially when I give her or my dad money😍#IlovemymomMaria Malindisa

Frederick ST Clair People that Iike to talk bad about you kill them with kindness

Faith Cameron Do good to others because you never know when you might be in need…

Charmaine Balraj Give kindly without expect any in return

Janet Watson Perry My mother’s best (and probably most used) saying is “just forgive”!😊😘😍

Angel Markus 2nd place is the 1st loser 😱😂

Samantha Rix When I am upset she asks me why I look like a wounded animal 😂
Esvee van der Merwe Jy word geken deur jou vriende en jou naam loop jou ver vooruit

Jurie Venter Always be yourself with respect

Lynette Plaatjies Rome wasn’t built in one day! 🙂

Carmel Blount Always pack in extra underwear. So even if I was travelling just for 2 days she’come and check my luggage bag to make sure there are 10 panties lol but till today I still pack in extras for myself, daughter and husband when we travel 😂🤣😂

Judaline Ferguson What’s for you, will never go pass you 💕

Sally Annamalai Forgive so u can feel better

Anisha Singh Love and happiness is like a butterfly, if you move around the butterfly will not land on you. Be still and have gratitude and love & happiness will find you.

Nikki Burrell My mom always used to say to me before any running race or sports match “Breathe and enjoy!” All these years later, she still says it to me and now I find myself saying exactly this to my kids before their races…

Sanine Manuel Always follow your heart, and do what’s best for you and only you ❤

Meghan Von Wildemann listen to your mom she is always right. #truestorymymomisneverwrong

Shihaam Peck Philander Respect yourself and respect others

Althia January Always put God first in your life and everything else will fall into place.

Carina Rix If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Leonie Willcock Treat all humans & animals the way would like to be treated!

Hla Brenda My mom likes saying ” these things come and go” her way to tell us to not invest too much into night life and going out and truth be told mom knows best

Tania Stroobants You’ll always be my baby ❤️❤️

Jill Permall Beware your sins will find you out!!🙈🙈🙈🙈

Roshon Omar Be grateful

Emlyn Gary Thomas You’re still young enough. You still have dreams

Francine Piers Petersen my mammie used to say smile at the storms! That had carried me through many difficult situations and decisions even though she is no longer with us.

Beverley Oelofse If you don’t stop crying I will give you something to cry for

Rush Harduth You can only depend on yourself!

Angela Clayton Love one another

Danni Mackenzie My mother’s best say is: turn the blady lights off it’s like town when the Christmas lights go on it’s that bright 💖😂😂😂 and then she always said to me treat others how you want to be treated💖💖 perfect life lesson oooo good luck everyone soooo holding things and crossing fingers toes legs and eyes 👀😂

Vivian Lunika “not in my house”


Bronwyn Menigo Arendse “She’s only a baby” referring to my 2 year old

Radiyah Jaffer ‘I told you so, but you never want to listen to me.’
Cindy Menigo ‚Ag it’s nothing man‘

George Anthony Menigo Don’t scratch in the pots.

Nicky Bailey “Listen to me, I’ve been there”

Norman Arendse You will appreciate me when I’m gone

Audrey Mabogoane “Gago nwelwe didiba” Meaning poop where you eat!! #LoveYouMom

Natasha Prince My mom favourite quote – ‘First you human, then you that profession’

Felicity de Vos As children if we misbehaved her famous saying “See my eyes” – it worked every time.

Nina Joffee I told you so!

Sharon-Rose Jackson Jy moet van beter af weet

Fallon Wessels why are you getting so fat or why are you getting so thin!

Angelique Arendse If GOD brought you too it he’ll bring you through it Albertha Davids ps : mom we will be sharing this piece 😊

Tamara Josephs “Whether you up or down” This refers to both loving us and also that we can’t take long in the bathroom whether we’re pooping or barfing 😂😂😂#ShitEmmaSays

Cheryl Michaels “Be the example”
Vanessa Van Der Vendt My Mom’s all time favourite saying: One day you gonna have children, let’s hope they’ll make use of their ears because you have ornaments. lol
I will always Love you Mom <3

Coral Paxton “You’ll never know if you don’t try”

Rukaiya Mowzer You can do anything. #bestmom

Luichyn Swarts It takes hands 🤲 to build a house 🏠 but it takes hearts 💕 to build a home 🏠 #LOVEYOUMOM

Tessa De Wet My Mom is a classic. Not poetic or sentimental but strong, loving and practical. Her most used phrase was “if you don’t stop crying I’ll give you something to cry about” She isn’t one for quoting sayings ❤💕

Lynne Doyle If the shoe fits you should wear it…

Felicity Strydom Stroud Smitsdorff I had you because I wanted to be called Mom……not Mombuyme

Catherine Arries Are u busy body again!!!

Yasmin Paruk Bodi No1 will love u like your parents do and no1 will hide your faults like your parents.. my mum always says this❤️

Abbygail Van Rooyen Wat nie dood maak nie maak vet😂

Waheedah Shamsodien Eat Everything you only die once.

Nikita Knowles Hendrickse “If you want to be big at night, you have to big in the morning“ hehe.

Faith Vercuiel Love and be loved

Angel Markus There are no words to describe what makes my mother special or any mother ….. my mothers love knows no bounds , it’s unconditional it’s firm yet gentle …. my mother is a fighter yet a lover …. the glue of the family …. the peace maker the voice of reason as well as advice giver … the listener the caretaker…. my mom is a super hero!
Miranda Bloch My mother at 95 was always saying when asked how she was, replied ‘I have my marbles and my mobility! so I’ fine”!!

Taufeeqah Dee My mother’s favorite saying is ” Don’t do unto others, what you wouldn’t want being done to you ”

Kamilah Francis The difficulties you experience today, will prepare you for the strength you will need tomorrow!

Patsy Charles Cloete “I have eyes and ears wherever you are because God gave all moms super powers”.

Sharon Borrill Robinson Be humble give to those less fortunate. Feel with your heart.

Greachen Isaacs Bonita Cupido Good things come to those who wait 🙂

Rachel Johnson “I hope your kids are like you then you will know what it feels like when you misbehave”

Lishon Bland #MothersDay A day without laughter is wasted

Stacey-lee Falken Karsten Do what is right don’t look at what others do

Geraldine Pietersen Accept the things you cannot change!!!!

JayJay Jensen Do everything in moderation (including eating).

Charlene Allies Good things comes to those that wait

Gretel Lim Be kind to everyone you meet because u don’t have any idea what they are dealing with their life! #Mothersday#Ilovemymom 🎁💙😍❤️

Cindy van Heerden My moms favourite saying is keep the kitchen table tidy


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