One of the most common architectural idioms says ‘God is in the Details’. When it is successfully translated to structure and facilities it makes you feel content and comfortable with your surroundings.

The Century City Hotel that is managed by the same star team of Joint CEO’s, Gary Koetser and Glyn Taylor, from the Century City Conference Centre, is a top class example of synergy that delivers a complete world for the current business traveler.

It starts with avoiding the still so often, unpleasant dragging of your trolley around a venue when the schedules of check-in and check-out times do not match your meetings and flight. It is resolved with the simple ingenuity of providing two luggage rooms. One in the conference center and the other, right next door, in the hotel. Who would have thought?

It’s going on with the constant attendance of staff from all levels in the different public spaces. This allows flexibility and the accommodation of changing needs of delegates.

It continues with plug in and charging points all around the public spaces, free, fast Wi-Fi and small offerings of old school elegant features with a current interpretation. Meaning, today’s relevant newspapers for those who need a rest from the screen, a first in South Africa all day takeaway Vida e’ Café automatic machine, a concierge that is equipped to protect you from rain or shine in case you didn’t pack for all options and friendly, well trained, young staff members that are instructed to find means for your needs.

The rooms are designed to be comfortably shared by co-workers and colleagues. Enclosed bathrooms, double size working desk and open air closets built for the on-the-go traveler. The executive suites can be joined and secluded from the rest of the floor to answer needs of different entourages.

The open plan ground floor offers diverse lounging and sitting options and flows from the reception area at the entrance to The Square Cafe & Wine Bar. It goes from offering breakfast to hotel guests to setting a Harvest Table for lunch for both hotel residents and the many professionals that man the offices of the international companies in the surrounding buildings. It even includes a line of open space work station for those that have to catch up.

In the middle of it all stands two extra pampering features. A bar that is stocked with a wide range of classical and newly crafted Gins from the thriving industry of small crafters in and around Cape Town and just alongside you’ll notice the Wine Bar, an enclosed space that stocks the finest wines the Western Cape has to offer, managed by a well-educated sommelier that makes sure to go the extra mile and provide less known vintages and distinctive wines from all regions and routes and even Halaal certified wine.

To the pleasure of visitors and guests, the wine bar holds a specially imported preservation facility that enables them to serve 60% (!) of the wines in stock for tasting or by the glass from MCC’s (bubbly) all the way to late harvest special editions. Adding to the flare is a series of wine pairings that is open by pre-booking to both guests and the general public.

The diversity and offers on the ground floor of the Century City Hotel is so vast that we promise a dedicated article to follow.

Bear in mind that business persons needing a longer stay in the area can find the Manhattan Suites nearby and a second, like-minded business hotel is on the cards for the group.

Century City Hotel
3 Energy Lane, Century City


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