Experience paradise at Butterfly World

Experience paradise at Butterfly World

Butterfly World, one of the more unique attractions of the Western Cape Winelands, consists of a tropical garden in a 1500 m2 green house. This luxuriant paradise makes the free flying exotic butterflies feel right at home. In the stunning garden tropical butterflies from Central America and Southeast Asia can be seen. In separate enclosures visitors walk in between birds, common marmosets, green iguanas and a couple of blue duiker, all free to roam the garden where they want.

Visitors can spend time in the Reptile Bay where Madagascan reptiles (chameleons and plated lizards), tortoises, Australian skinks and bearded dragons and a couple of noisy parrots are housed. A large aviary hosts all kinds of ex-pet birds such as budgies, love birds, pigeons and doves, as well as guinea pigs with wild hair!

 The outdoor garden hosts a Meerkat enclosure and lots of free range ducks and chickens, waiting for children to

feed them with packets of seeds bought from the gift shop.


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